larry the chipmunk

By September 3, 2013 October 31st, 2013 stories

This chipmunks’ name is Larry. He’s not like other chipmunks; he’s not real. He is a figment of his own imagination, and likes to eat Sun Chips, but that’s not important.

One day, he decided to go on an adventure. This required getting up; the first problem. Being a figment of his own imagination, he never saw a reason to get up. He wasn’t even sure where he would be getting up from, but he wasn’t worried. He had his Sun Chips. Where did he get them from? He never questioned this. “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” except of course he’s never heard this expression before.

Like his snacks, he suddenly appeared elsewhere. But he wasn’t empty, like his snacks. Rather, he was full of hope. The world was a blinding light of new ideas to him. New like the scent of evergreens, which Larry had not the slightest idea about but he had every ambition of finding out. And getting some acorns but he didn’t like them anyway.

The possibilities of exploration were grand but Larry quickly realized he was blind. How could something that doesn’t exist, see? The next logical step on his grand first adventure then was to feel around, maybe he could get a grip on things. Everything was new, wonderful and violating at the same time.

Unfortunately, Larry was unaware of these sensations; he didn’t have a body. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t ready to start his adventure. There were still many things to discuss, ponder, idealize and pillage. He had his consciousness right? He could converse with others and that’s what he planned to do. Conversation is the advancement of intelligence, but again, Larry wouldn’t know about this.

Larry wouldn’t know about a lot of things, as it would turn out. He is, after all, different than all the other chipmunks. He’s not real. He can’t talk to anybody else. Did you really think he could? How could he have an adventure if he’s made up?

A figment of his own imagination? No. That’s just silly.