It took a while, but my Odyssey 7Q finally arrived the other day, so it’s been learnin’ time.

Given that all the lenses I have are photo glass, I thought it pretty important to actually test out their resolution. I don’t do charts, I like to see real world examples. From the terrace, I have a pretty awesome view of Dubai Marina, which is full of various little details. I tested out my main lenses at their open aperture, as well as stopped down to 5.6. This was shot at around 6am, before the sun came out. 

Overall, I was surprised at how sharp some lenses were wide open; particularly the Canon 16-35mm … my favourite lens. If this can still resolve pretty well in 4K (which it does for me, though I don’t have any better glass to compare it to), then I’m quite happy. The focus throw will be extremely difficult, but as all my work is still HD based, I think it will be fine.

I also tried the Odyssey’s 4k2HD prores option, which was quite good. No shots from that are included, but others have already mentioned that it’s quite an improvement on the internal AVCHD.

FS700 7Q Rig

FS700 7Q Rig


I’m still working on what a setup would be, and so far I’ve used various parts from Edelkrone and Zacuto. The V-Lock battery is gonna go once I have a Sony/Swit plate to power the 7Q. At the moment it’s sort of just “sandwiched” there. Definitely not how I’d like to take it to set. Also, the balance is off to the left, so I’m thinking of putting the battery in the rosette on the right side. Relocating the handgrip is extremely beneficially here. 

I think one of my next tests would be to try the stocking diffusion that I had done earlier, but in 4K and see the gains I get from that. Should look great!

 Here’s the 1080 version: