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Hey every body! (in dr nick’s voice)

The film has been taken offline for the moment. Can’t say anything more now, but news coming soon!


As I sit here and type this, my latest film RomantiCorp is compressing and being uploaded to Youtube. I’m somewhere into hour 20 of day 6 since I set the last day of the year as the official release… and man, no more self-imposed deadlines like this.

Literally nearly everything along the way has gone wrong, but instead of dwelling on the negative, let’s recap a bit about the film, as I feel it is pretty special, and unique in many ways.

First film that’s shot in 4k prores (as opposed to RAW), which had its challenges when the white balance would shift between takes. First film of mine to use 4k footage from the new GoPro. First film to have 99.9% done in FCPX, including all the special effects and compositing. First film to feature the new Scope intro logo.

New Scope-Entertainment (SCOPE FZE) logo


So why entirely in FCPX, given that there’s plenty of FX shots? Bluntly; I wanted to see if it’d be possible. To see how far I can push FCPX. It’s my go-to editor for years now, but some things it’s always been annoying to need to round-trip. At first it went pretty well, but as the amount of effects and plugins being used start to grow… things began crashing. Could be the new update, so I will wait a few months and see if I can re-export again with no issues.

But the point to take away here, is that even though there are issues, FCPX with the right tools can literally be an all-in-one package. Save for 2 minor things done in AE, everything you see that’s animated (including in the teaser) was done in FCPX 10.1.3 (and finished in 10.1.4).

The final FCPX timeline.

A list of plugins and effects used (from memory):

  • mFlare
  • mGlitch
  • trackx
  • Sky Replace (C2 Tools)
  • LUTility
  • mCharacter 1/2 (for the teaser)
  • mHud
  • RSMB
  • Fisheye Fixer
  • BCC 8/9
  • Cineflare DR

A version of the film was ready back in November, and I ended up submitted it last minute to the Best Shorts Competition. And wouldn’t you know it, we picked up a few Awards. Two special mentions within Award of Merits for Direction & Creativity/Originality, and an Award of Merit for Film Short. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

A behind the scenes video is also in the works. The plan was to have it online today as well, but instead our effort was focused on the film.

 To read more about gear load out and other details,
head on over to the RomantiCorp page!