So you’re sitting at your office, and decided “Hey, why don’t I watch that short film with the funky title that i’ve been seeing online?” You may have heard about the special effects or impressive aerial shots, and decided that now’s a good time to watch it. But then, Le Gasp! RomantiCorp is no longer available for online viewing! Fret not, as the reason is quite exceptional: it has been accepted into the 15th Annual Phoenix Film Festival, as part of their International Horror and Sci-Fi festival.

That’s right, from March 26 to April 2, this film will be screening in Phoenix as part of their 2015 lineup. It will screen at least twice during the opening weekend, and will be in consideration for the festival’s commendations.

This is quite an honour, and I’m very excited. Fellow Producer and Writer on the film, Nidal, and I are planning to attend the festival, and be present for the Q&A sessions. We realize that Phoenix is quite the distance from here (Dubai), but if any one is on that side of the pond, would be great to see you then! The reception received has been humbling and unexpected, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the filmmaking community thinks of our little film.

DOF screen 2 c