On December 12th, 2012, I married my best friend and soulmate.

Kat in her self-design dress (mark 2)

And a bow-tieiest bow-tie ever.

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Life has been great, with our adventures continuing, recently to Oman and before that to Austria (which you can view here).

But even with new adventures and new videos, our wedding video has had somewhat of a tumultuous time in the cutting room.

People have asked why I don’t edit it, but it’s pretty simple. Editing is working… and this was my wedding. I refuse to “work” on the edit, as it will change the way I view the final film. (Even though I actually spent a day color-grading the final version).

Back on topic, the first person who had agreed… disappeared. Literally, for like half a year, although every few weeks I’d get an email saying they are on it, that a rough cut is done, they just need to get to internet…. and so on. I never received anything from that editor, and 6 months was lost.

Then the search continued, and someone else came across my table. Even though I work in the industry, there aren’t that many editors that I actually come across; about 95% of the work I will either edit myself, or the footage is handed off to the client. I’ve very rarely come across another editor. Now with this second editor… after a couple weeks, I received a first “cut”. I use the quotes as you can’t really call it that. It was an assembly. Nearly 30 minutes of just footage trimmed onto a timeline. It was a joke. And then this person travelled as well. More deposits lost.

Then luckily, Katrina came across Toni…. and having heard the story of the other editors, she agreed to take on the project. She even did it pro-bono, for the love of editing. And her first cut was almost there, right from the get-go. Only a few changes and speech additions, and then I received a version very close to what you can see here.

The edit was done in Premiere… something I very rarely use these days… and so it ended up sitting on my working drive for some weeks too. But enough time had past, and I recently received a free upgrade to BCC 9 in Premiere from my recent winning films in The Amazing Reel.

And so, here you have it. Color-graded in Premiere, and re-framed into 2:1 aspect… cuz I can… and House of Cards rocks.